September 29, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

Basic RGBLisa Daly ‎"Life is like a box of colored condoms. No matter what color you pick, you're gonna get screwed."

Leo Czekalski My positive energy is off the charts today!!! So get the f%ck out of my way negativity!!!

Blayke Scheer is it ok that I got teary watching the save by the bell graduation this morning...and it has been 17 years since it originally aired

Joel Solomon Lindsay Lohan has been to rehab so much that Amy Winehouse is actually writing a song about her.

Mark Mario Macias Has only been in san fran 48 hrs and he already learned here the mayor allegedly does coke in private clubs.

Marisa Lalli someone please hand the emmy to brittany s. pierce immediately

Brian John Kniffel really enjoys listening to intelligent people speak.

Anthony Crupi I really need to lay off the sauce. Just spent a half-hour watching this movie about a talking horse who travels the world and eats a lot of food before I realized it was just Eat Pray Love.

Becky Pestana File this under things you learn from Facebook: I'm a giant bitch!

Jade Clark ‎'business' should be added to the phrase 'all is fair in love and war'

Alison McGlone there are more good looking men on my flight from Dallas to LGA than there are on the entire island of manhattan. hello new favorite route!!

Becky Pestana I have a crazy idea... let's all take pictures of the outside temperature reading from our car. That way we will all know that it is hot outside in California! Once again, Facebook keeps me abreast of news & current events.

Ben Mehl Is there anything better than the guy at the bagel store singing "bad romance," at the top of his lungs until he realized I was waiting by the counter?

Jair Jimenez If my best isn't good enough....I dunno what else to tell you