October 8, 2010

Fat Women Make Less Money Than Skinny Women

As if losing weight to be more attractive wasn’t enough – women now need to concern themselves with weight loss for the sake of making more money in their paychecks!

According to the New York Post, a new study has found that skinny women make significantly more money than those who are of average weight or classified as obese.

The Journal of Applied Psychology published research that shows being 30 pounds below the average American female weight of 164 pounds can result in roughtly $10,719 more in annual salary – above average women’s pay of $40,000.  Being 30 pounds overweight can mean making $9,873 less than average.  An extremely thin American woman who weighs 60 pounds less than average (um, 104 pounds!) can make as much as $22,300 more per year than someone who is of average weight.

Is anyone surprised with this information? Have you seen this in the workplace? 

What’s interesting is that the OPPOSITE holds true for males.  The larger you are, the more you’re likely to get paid.  DISCUSS.