October 8, 2010

Live on through Social Media – after you die

You know, some people say “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” – others, well – others schedule tweets and Facebook Status Updates.

Introducing Mopits: The website that allows you to create updates and messages for after you die.  I have mixed feelings on this.  Dubbed “Death Messaging” – Mopits is a service that sends messages (or updates) to intended parties after the user has died. “For some, it may be a way to calm those who are grieving. For tohers, it may be their last chance to say something meaningful.  Additionally, it can be a reminder of ones humor”

This 100% secure service strives to create a respectful experience.  The interesting part about this is that the site says they are NOT a service that in any way promotes suicide.  They even link to a help-site if you are struggling with suicide.  BUT the only ways you really KNOW you are going to die is if you’re GOING to kill yourself (therefore scheduling these messages) or if you’re old and sickly (whereby you probably don’t even know what social media is.)  SO that leaves other people are sick – know they’re sick – and understand they are going to lose a battle soon…to get a text message, etc. from them after they’ve passed seems cruel to me. 

I can understand creating a service that allows you to schedule a post/text in the future – but to schedule it to come AFTER your death is just odd, no?  Like what are you doing to write? 

What are your thoughts here?  It’s almost uncomfy to even talk about!

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