October 4, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

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Ben Schwartz So hypocritical that Trix are for kids but manufactured by adults

Dan Dunn My gas bill just arrived. Envelope says it contains a "new, easier to read" bill. At the risk of sounding like an elitist intellectual, I have to say that I never really had any problems reading the old bills.

Stephanie Moran itz so funny how da truth cums out from a person n da truth hurts u...i need to break away before i get sucked in again n again...

Christina Brozek ate twelve small meals today - of DD munchkins. Christina runs on it...

Ali Puliti feeling extremely blessed today... must be the nonstop sneezing!

Andrew Goldstein Just finished my screenplay for "The Socially Awkward Network" - its the story of how JDate was create

Noelle Keppel some people grow up and some people don't... and it's ok to leave them behind


Adam Lazzara Regardless of what negativity happens in your life always learn to take away positives from your experience, the moment that you stop learning is the moment you truly fail.