October 6, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

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Anthony Crupi Now that The Social Network is a hit (sort of), it should be easier for me to secure financing for my upcoming film project. In spring 2012, keep an eye out for Where In Sweet Fuck Did Everybody Go? Seriously, You Guys, This Place is Like a Ghost Town: The Story of Friendster.

Ben Schwartz I want to make a movie called Blu-Ray and have it available only on DVD.

Trisha Tobin Danze Wants a grilled Jesus.

Kirsten Ott Palladino thinks weekly viewings of "Glee" should be mandatory for all middle and high school students.

Erica Fierstein ‎"Erica, you're only happy when you're freaking out about something" - my mom 2 seconds ago.

Dayna Emolo I have been blesed with the abilitie to spel horibly

Jennifer Caluri is thinking about telling my colleague to sue her hairdresser.

Alexis Rhiannon just discovered that Season Four of 30 Rock is on Netflix Instant. Goodbye, world.

Jessica Sparks i like it on the chair:)

Nicole Mattina I like it in the closet

Carrie Eichenholz Rose I like it in my bedroom

Lauren Friedman Wexler I like it on the bench by the front door.

Amy Lombarski I like it in the back seat

Gina Marie Barbieri I like it on the chair next to my bed.

Nicole Witover likes it on the table. Sometimes the kitchen counter

Lauren Pitrelli Dechiaro I like it on the counter!

Rachell Nepola I like it on the stairs...

Becky Salman I like it on the floor or in my car

Caroline Salerno i like it on the kitchen table

Anna Khersonsky I like it on the bench in the entryway

Jane Marie Giustra Reiffe i like it on the floor

Inna Donkin Braudo I like it on the front seat.

Lara Lauchheimer I like it on the chair.

Ed Verdel I like it on your mom's bed

Sean G.L. O'Sullivan likes holding it while she tries on new clothes.

John Skelton I like it in the crack alley behind Sesame Street.

Allan Finn I like it when I don't have to pay for it. I like it when she doesn't blather on and on about it and then compares it with her friends. And I like it when she gets it and doesn't want more right away.

Ali Ringo Sundheim Sorry everybody, but I'm gonna go ahead and be a buzz-kill. You know what raises awareness about breast cancer better than a status meme about where you keep your purse? *Talking about breast cancer.* Let's *talk about breast cancer* for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, rather than posting coy status updates about "how we like it" in terms of purse storage.