October 7, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

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Timothy Long Fun idea: Dont have kids? Hire a babysitter anyway, say kid is asleep upstairs and not to be woken. On your return ask where your child is.

Jessica Lothstein what would cheesus do?

Keira Kordowski Appreciate those that appreciate you. Let go of those that don't.

Erlene J. Aranias ok i don't mean to be rude, but why do people "like" their own statuses? obviously they like it, or they wouldn't post it...

Christopher M Capwell Wondering why I am wondering what I am wondering

Lauryn Kahn I love seeing strangely matched couples and trying to imagine how they met.

Amy Lombarski would like to shove my boss's credit card up their asses...do this, buy this, return this, oh u got the wrong one amy, put this on hold, get gas, get food, pay our late fee...how bout go f yourself! 3 more hrs of this bs!

Anthony Crupi Communications strategy: Next time someone tries to wriggle out of a phone call by saying, “I’m going to let you go,” hang up on him or her immediately. If you’re on a land line, slam that receiver into the cradle like you’re trying to squash a caterpillar. Once you’ve disengaged, send an email to that person with the subject line “YOU LOSE, FUCKO!!!” #idecidewhentheconversationisoverjerk

Becky Salman Expect nothing and you'll never get let down