November 9, 2010

Don’t F@Ck with Nene Leakes

This season of Real Housewives of Atlanta has been a pleasure to watch.  Kim Z. is off her rocker, Kandy keeps telling it like it is, Sheree has toned down a bit and Nene has me laughing about six times per episode.  The new cast members are also pretty entertaining – Cynthia is gorgeous and had a great head on her shoulders (literally) and Pheadra is a joke.  Her whole scene is a disaster.  I don’t know WHO she thinks she is – but it’s quite comical to see her every week.

Back to Nene.  I TRULY feel bad for her and believe that under the circumstances, that bitch is keeping it together.  She seems to be more grounded than last season and despite her nagging Bryson – she’s really changed a lot….and not just because of her plastic surgery.

Nene is having marriage problems with Greg and it looks like they’re heading to divorce.  Now, I’m not sure how popular “Bossip” is – but I personally think they need to check themselves. 

Nene Leakes seen outside the Trump Hotel in New York City

They recently posted pictures of Nene outside the Trump Plaza in NYC, sans makeup.  And, they make fun of her for it.  But like, WHO GIVES A SHIT if she’s not wearing makeup?  Homegirl is depressed and going through a divorice – AND I actually respect her for NOT getting done-up.  No need to hate on the Nene.

Sidenote: Nene’s one-liners this season are EPIC.