November 9, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

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Justin P Mandzik  The problem with being punctual is nobody is there to appreciate it

Anthony Crupi  The Little Engine That Couldn't Give a Shit #updatedchildrensbooks

Frank J Castillo  is out making some changes in my life...leave a message and I'll
get back to you. if I don't return your message you're one of the

Josette Wys Katz  ‎"I think Florida is the only State in the union where you have to drive a way up North to get to the deep South." - George Johns

Lauryn Kahn  Congratulations "Psychic Kids" on Discovery Channel. You are officially the freakiest fucking show

Darryl Gudmundson  Today is my beards' last day on earth. It was the best of beards, it was the weirds of beards.

Rodrigo Gonzalez  Life is strange! Last night, I had a dream about a friend I haven't seen in over 25 years and today he contacted me via Facebook.

Lindsay Ressler  You know you eat, sleep and breathe PR when you know the number to PR Newswire by heart...