November 15, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

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Anthony Crupi  Working hard to get the term “no dice” reinstated as every American’s go-to expression of non-compliance.

Bryce Gruber  I'm ready for a bone thugs comeback tour.

Jay Allen  Since light travels faster than sound, people appear bright until you hear them speak.

Zhanna Zonis  2010 has been an awesome year in terms of people meeting people, getting engaged, married, having babies and all that other good stuff. Just makes me so happy when good things happen to great people!!! ☺

Leo Czekalski  To my dear 4loco, how I will miss u. It seems like yesterday u came into my life... u brought me joy and laughter and we didn't need much money to have fun...

Pravina Nair  really has a lot of respect for people who are able to make exercise a part of their lifestyle, like as regular and necessary as food, water and shelter!

Jared Kahn  if we didn't have facebook, we would all be hanging out and catching up in real life...true story

Becky Pestana  Girl at party: I met you & Steve two years ago. Me: No, that was my husband's ex-gf. Girl: No, it was you. You look exactly the same. Me: Nope, not me. Girl: You said you thought you would get engaged soon. And you did! Me: Still not me.

Lauren Hedvat Rosenberg  witnessed a 12 year old birthday party today in bloomingdales. the days of chuckie cheese are over.

Blayke Scheer  working out next to "the situation" at the hotel in LA...I might copy his ab workout ;)

Natalie Denisenko Grainger  Paraded around whole foods picking out groceries, waited patiently in long line with visions of dinner in my head only to get to the register and realize I have no wallet. F*ck me.

Sofia Colantropo  woohoo! congrats z & alex!!

Marissa Croughan  congrats to Zlata n Alex on their engagement!!

Jennifer Samuel  has started to just remove stuff from the to do list. Not crossing it off, just pretending it was never there.

Rob Iozzia  Is a bagel with lox and bacon still considered kosher?

Skeery Jones  Just saw a dog wearing a baby diaper with a hole punched out so its tail can go through. Is any of this normal?

Dayna Emolo  Congrats to Zlata and Alex on their engagement! ♥

Zlata Faerman  I just called Beyonce to let her know, he liked it so much he put a ring on it!

Best Status Update I’ve Ever Read

Alex Gladunov  I proposed to my beautiful future wife, my best friend, my soul, my everything! We are engaged everyone!! I LOVE YOU Z!!!!