November 18, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

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Lisa Fuhrman  I know I sound like a broken record but I can't deal with Ann Curry anymore. She can't get through a sentance,/segment without making mistake after mistake. I'm not ready to give up the Today Show because I love Matt but I'm losing patience...........

Kevin Gondres  my "people you may know" section at first glance would appear to be the roster for the CCCP (USSR) coed gymnastic team in the '88 Olympics ... love Fair Lawn ... just sayin'

Katie Simpson  Don't think I can handle much more thrown at me.....does Bergen Regional [formally Bergen Pines] take reservations????

Megan Severs  Apparently the spam that went to my entire hotmail address book yesterday was about viagra. My dad responded, "Did mom put you up to this?"

Tarik Trad  When I asked a co-worker today how he was doing, he replied, "Surviving as best as we can." With my bad ears, I heard. "Surviving asbestos weekend." WTH?

Matt Levine  A girl texted me: "What does idk mean?" I text back:"I don't know." She texts me back:"OMGGGG NO ONE DOES!" (courtesy of Mikey Jay)

Christina Wright  when i was 6 years old i tried to cut my own bangs.
disaster.  BUT i apparently didnt learn since i did the same thing this morning :-)