December 7, 2010

New Jersey Casting Call

TV Show Casting  - Once in a Lifetime Event Party
Have you ever dreamed of throwing the perfect life changing event party? Want to impress the in-laws? Your neighbors, co-workers? Now‚s your chance to work with a top New Jersey designer, event planner and TV personality to help you create the perfect event -- ALL ON TV!

We are looking for fun outgoing people who live in The Franklin Lakes area of NJ (within 30 minutes of this area is ok, Essex county, Bergan county)  who have a life-changing event coming up and want to throw a party in a HOME. Must be in a HOME. Yours or someone else‚s. The party invite list must include up to 20 to 50 people. Engagement, baby shower, wedding shower, welcome home party, graduation party or any other interesting event with a good story.
Party MUST take place in mid January!

To be considered please forward the following:
1. Photos of yourself (and partner) main people who will be part of the show.
2. Your name and/or partners name.
3. Address/city.
4. Describe what type of party. Why?

5. Theme? Look/Feel?
6. Are you trying to impress anyone? Who?
7. Photos of outside of home.
8. Photos of room party will take place in. Can be in your home or someone else‚s home.
9. How big is the room? Dimensions please.
TV show will provide planning, designing by TV personality and Expert, food , decorations, entertainment, staffing for the event, clean up after, etc  
(not priority) Please provide the following if you can:
Video of yourself and partner showing us your personality and why you need our help to pull this once in a lifetime party.