April 26, 2011

Facebook to Launch "Deals"

Facebook is launching yet another new feature!  Deals on Facebook (Deals) is similar to that of Living Social and Groupon, in that it helps you find fun experiences to take advantage of and share.

As of right now, it's only available in Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego and San Francisco.  Facebook plans to work with partners and local business to help deliver the best social activities in your area.  They're taking it one step further by allowing you to share with your network and plan the outing together.  Genius, I say!

Finding Deals is pretty easy (once available in your area.)  You can get the updates through email and notifications - or you can check out the Deals tab of your homepage.  More than likely, you'll find most of them on your News Feed, as your network will begin to share the information and deals.

And THAT my friends, is how you build an empire.

Mark Zuckerberg ... thief or not: you are a God.  I actually thought "Delilah" was the reincarnated Jesus - but you just might be the real Messiah.