April 27, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Makes a Surprise Appearance on Jay Leno!

I've always been more of a David Letterman/Conan girl.  I like to keep my love snazzy on the East Side.  My fiance, however, loves him some Jay Leno.  So every night in bed, we tune in to see who's on and what's shakin and last night - it was Lindsay Lohan (and her inside cleavage!)

Clearly not on the schedule (as evident by TV listings) Lindsay Lohan stops by Jay Leno in her first official talk show appearance since she was sentenced to jail.  Jay started off the interview positively with questions about her new and upcoming roll in the mob movie surrounding John Gotti's life.  I think she'll be perfect for that role, so long as she dies her hair back to a brunette.

The now-blonde actress seemed on-point in her perfectly media-trained responses to Jay's probes about her previous jail time, her family (she pleaded the fifth when asked about her father, Michael Lohan) and what she sees in her future (an Oscar by the age of 30.)  The interview ended with Jay tauting Lindsay's acting skills and keeping the faith for her to turn her life around.  He brought up Robert Downey Jr. and his troubled past, saying that Lindsay can do the same.

I also believe Lindsay.  She seems of sound mind and admits to making mistakes in the past and ponies up to her now having to pay the consequences of those mistakes - a true sign of maturation and adulthood.  She looks great - minus the blonde! - and her positive attitude was almost infectious.  All in all, I thought it was a great PR move for her and her key messages were spot on!  Whether or not she will succeed - only time will tell!  But I'll tell you - if I wasn't a fan of hers before - I am now!

Here's a clip of her interview for those who missed it: