May 9, 2011

True Story Behind Michael Bolton's "I Said I Loved You...But I Lied" Video

And it just keeps getting better!  Fellow Fair Lawnian (and bridesmaid to be!) Lauryn Kahn pairs up with funny-man Rob Riggle to create a behind-the-scenes look at Michael Bolton's 1991 hit music video to "I Said I Loved You...But I Lied."  Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the video, Lauryn Kahn and Rob Riggle play the roles of the music-video producers Hattie Carmichael and Devin Schandel, respectively, who dissect every part of the ridiculous production.  Twenty years later, it's easy to poke fun of the "denim on denim" and "leather on leather" outfits, as well as white horses running through the water on a seemingly scorching hot day.

I had a chance to sit down with Lauryn for an exclusive interview:
Where did you and Rob come up with the idea to do something like this?
We were working on our "gettin sexy" album and he wanted to show me a music video for inspiration of what we're going for with the vibe of our songs, so then we watched the video together and just started doing a bit that we were the producers and how the set was fucking crazy and Bolton was a maniac. We literally joked like that alone in a room for 30 minutes and then were like "we have to film this."  Boom. So now they are characters and we wanna do a bunch, already filmed a second one. It's way funnier.

How did you feel when you saw SNL's spoof on MB two days before dropping this?
Jake at Funny Or Die has been directing SNL digital shorts and knew about this song like three weeks ago.  I was a little disappointed because it was such a crazy coincidence but then people at Funny or Die said the timing would be good, cause people would wanna see more of him. It sucks because we filmed this in August but it took a while to get his cameo  going.

How hard was it not to laugh when Rob quite obviously improvised the line about Michael being on Peyote on the top of the mountain?

We both broke a lot. He always makes me laugh. B
ut we had loose ideas of things we wanted to touch upon but then sometimes he'd say crazy shit out of nowhere which is always fun.

Do you think you'll have any other videos in the future? 
Yeah! Riggle and I already filmed a second one and we want to do more if this catches even a little bit. We figured through the first one, what worked and what was funnier so the second one will be a lot quicker and funnier. 
We also talked about doing a live stage version so we can go off on tangents and bring special guests like other comedy friends who were say "the makeup guy" or the "lighting design".

And now...the video from Funny or Die featuring Lauryn Kahn, Rob Riggle and of course, Michael Bolton.