June 15, 2011

Albie and Chris Manzo Do People Magazine in Hoboken

It’s no secret that Albie and Chris Manzo live in Hoboken, NJ now, complete with a great pad at 333 River Street.  Sure, BRAVO can wipe out the address, but a true Hobokener can tell that building from every other one in the one-square mile city.

Notorious Fair Lawnian and I Have Zlata Thoughts fan Scottie Powers, sent me a picture message of an order to his place of employment, Park and Sixth Comfort Foods.  The order was complete with tons of food to be delivered for their People Magazine photo shoot.  As a publicist, and clearly a rocket scientist, I guarantee an “exclusive look into Albie and Chris Manzo’s Hoboken apartment” feature in People Magazine

Albie – you wanted to be a lawyer? Why – you’re making a pretty penny just being pretty!


Happy Eats!


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