June 9, 2011

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

I judge your Facebook Status Updates

  • Andrew Goldstein It's so hot in New York today, Anthony Weiner just tweeted me a picture of his leg... with his weiner stuck to it. #weinergate
  • Becky Pestana I have a confession to make. Sometimes I only click "like" on your photo or status when I would prefer to leave a comment. But I don't, because I can't endure the endless notifications that your other friends have also commented, with insightful thoughts such as "cute!" and "fun!" or "congrats!" I feel better for saying that. Hope we can still be friends!
  • Darryl Gudmundson the karate kid was in my office earlier than I was today
  • Shilamida Kupershteyn Since I won't take pain meds I figured a jar of nutella would be a good alternative!
  • Nadzav Gordzon If you're gonna complain about the heat wave in NYC or how LeBron isn't Jordan, please delete me...I DONT CARE
  • Skeery Jones Twitter makes you love people you don't know and Facebook makes you hate your friends. -a wise tweet from Twitter
  • Anthony Crupi In my day, we used to *fax* pictures of our dicks to complete strangers. #firstandonlyweinerjoke
  • Lori Levine if its going to feel like Africa outside I at least would like to see a Giraffe or Rhino walk by!
  • Heather Parker I Looooove when ugly skanks hit on my boyfriend, its pretty funny! Keep dreamin sweetheart--we already own a dog :-)
  • Anthony Crupi Fun with weather and mathematics: The temperature in ºF + the humidity index = the # of people who will moan about both of those things today. #itssummeryoufuckingcrybabies
  • Alyson Hagert Half of my shoe collection is beneath my desk at work
  • Kristen DiVita-Sterople note to my co-worker who complains about having 'no money': perhaps the $50 you spent on a phone call to a dog psychic could have been put to better use...
  • Mike Zweben Not a good day for leather seats.
  • Mindy Beth Asking the dentist to put both the nitrous and AC on HIGH
  • Renee Lucas I do not like the constant misuse of the word "epic." Or people who say, "winning" for that matter. Be original...create, don't copy. There are plenty of words out there, expand your vocabulary.