June 23, 2011

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

  • Bryce Gruber I think my fave part about shooting reality tv is getting to look like a tranny hooker all day.
  • Colleen Krenzer Love when they announce that they want to board the flight as quickly as possible as the weather in NYC is "rapidly deteriorating."
  • Jen Khoury It pains me to admit this but....I'm secretly addicted to the soup and salad at Olive Garden. I just declined a meeting request bc I'm "too busy" aka in need of Olive Garden for lunch. I need an intervention!
  • Colleen Krenzer Dear Jet Blue: Was that a plane or a pogo stick we took to NYC?
  • Trisha Tobin Danze Thank you, so much for all of the birthday wishes! I'm so glad to finally be 21!
  • Katrina King Dear Lindsay Lohan,
    Congrats on not going back to jail today. Since you won't be needing your legal team for a few days, Casey Anthony could sure use the help...
  • I Have Zlata Thoughts OJ Simpson got away with murder. I just bought 11 items at the ''no more than 10 items'' checkout line.Your move OJ...
  • JohnBart Skelton Dear 2:53pm....I would give my left testicle for you to change your name to 5:59pm. Right now.
  • Haily Poon I understand you have money, but don't throw your cash at me and expect me to ring up your purchases. I will wait until you hand me your money non-crumpled, and I will wait until you get off the phone .... thank you
  • Zlata Faerman HEADLINE NEWS: "New York Mafia boss Carlo Gambino has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's." When asked how he felt, he replied 'FUGGHETABOUTIT'
  • Sampson Leigh In his first term Obama checks numbers 1 and 2 off the FBI's most wanted list and I can't even find a pair of matching socks.
  • Ashlee Holmes someone at the gym just recognized me from the show and said "you look sooooooooo much prettier in person!!"............ please note that i have my hair in a bun.. no makeup.. &i'm sweating.... uhhhhh.... thanks????? –__- Zlata’s Thoughts: Honey, that’s because you’ve gotten some work done, k? (Evidence: http://www.ihavezlatathoughts.com/2011/06/real-housewives-of-new-jersey-daughter.html)And it’s quite annoying how you are always complimenting yourself sideways through your FB status updates, k? Stop fishing.