July 1, 2011

Hey Google … Slow Down!

Aside from Google+, there are a lot of new changes in Google. 

For one, you can now conduct “voice searches” by directly saying your search query directly out loud after clicking the microphone icon by the search bar.  Zlata’s Thoughts: I understand that this is a cool feature, but it seems a bit pointless.  Google gives the explanation that you can now say hard-to-spell words like “spaghetti with Bolognese sauce” , but why?? Even if you spell Bolgnese wrong, Google will ask you “Did you mean _____”.  So what gives?  I think this is great for any impaired people with the inability to type on a keyboard and should be marketed as such.  To me, it doesn’t feel like a spiffy new feature.

You can also search for images and other information WITH images and URL links of images. Go to the images tab of Google and click on the camera icon. Upload a photo or paste the URL and WABAM, information.  Zlata’s Thoughts: To me, this is amazing.  Period. End of sentence. Can you imagine being the genius who came up with this algorithm to make this kind of thing work? I really cannot handle it.

In addition, check out this link to learn more about ALL of the new comings! This sh!t is bananas!  http://www.google.com/insidesearch/features.html

As for Google+, I have yet to experience it, since I am on the wait list.  Apparently, it’s harder to get than a Berkin Bag!  I’ll update my thoughts on that when I’ve played around with it.  For those of you who already use it, what do YOU think?