July 7, 2011

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

A collection of the best Facebook Status Updates from my News Feed:

  • Ali Puliti hung w some tampa bay rays last night. hopefully they are too hungover and not in the mood to play some baseball tonight. yankees, you can thank me later :)
  • Ben Mehl I am not sure if I'm over foursquare yet. I mean having stalkers is nice in theory but I'm not sure I want to get stabbed just yet
  • I Have Zlata Thoughts They say the law is unfair, but I've heard of a case(y) that would beg to differ.
  • Renee Lucas The only thing I want to know from Casey Anthony is if she got hair extensions in jail, or if her hair actually grew that much in three years.
  • Suzanne Lyons Natalie Portman and her baby daddy fiance named their son.... wait for it.... Aleph. Pronounced "alef". Let me be the first to say, I think Aleph my keys in the car.
  • JohnBart Skelton Emotions are like gag reflexes. They should be surgically removed altogether. It would make life SO much easier.
  • Sabrina Eldredge What do you bet the "sometime between 8 and 12" delivery guy shows up at 12?
  • Erin Robertson I'm on the phone now booking my hotel for Zlata Faerman and Alex Gladunov wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!
  • Adam Silverstein Ahhh. Words with friends isn't working on both iPad and iPhone. Opens then shuts down. I feel lost and alone.
  • Bryce Gruber do you ever just go to work, spend a few hours
  • Darryl Gudmundson looks like Casey Anthony will be out in time for our birthday party is Vegas, GREAT NEWS! cc: Jesse Drollette & Anthony Nagatani
  • AJ Jacobs For reasons unknown, the publicist for the Marshall Tucker Band sends me emails almost every day. They're kind of working. In my mind, MTB is now bigger than Beyonce and Justin Timberlake combined.
  • Lindsay Powers Eichmann has written about a million stories about Casey Anthony, including one analyzing her court hair 'do. oy
  • Diana Diner how come no one is commenting on/making fun of Natalie Portman for naming her kid Alef. REALLY?? seriously?? THATS that name you picked? dude, shave your armpit hair, stop being a dirty hippie vegan, wear some leather, and just act normal. This is precisely why people hate pretentious actors.
  • Howie Zakai psyched for the weekend out west!