July 6, 2011

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

A collection of the best Facebook Status Updates from my newsfeed today.

  • Angie Balsamo I need to get a wisdom tooth pulled. Just one because it just decided to grow in this week.
  • Jim Shi Elizabeth Hurley has joined the cast of "Gossip Girl!" She plays "sexy media mogul" Diana Payne in the fifth season.
  • I Have Zlata Thoughts Casey Anthony is releasing a single for her new album single this year..."I got 99 problems but the kid ain't one."
  • Zhanna Zonis Not even one Facebook update (and it’s already 4 pm!), 10 pending Words with Friends games and 5 pending Hanging with Friends games in my iPhone… I should take a screen shot of this and attach it to my performance review – THIS is the only sure proof of how freakin' hard I worked all day!!!
  • Anthony Crupi Look, I'll admit that I sometimes daydream about getting married. Specifically, the part about the open bar at the wedding
  • I Have Zlata Thoughts Facebook is integrating Skype into user profiles so they can video chat. Says my next door neighbor, "Now how am I can't hide the fact that I'm not really a 10-year-old boy."
  • Mark Marino has begun my first day of employment at People.com--Star Jones and Tara Reid, you've been warned!
  • Kristin Salvi Edson Loves being able to go to the bank, mall and food store in my bathing suit and no one cares...another reason I ♥ the beach
  • JohnBart Skelton I loathe doing mindless filing. Especially when I don't know what stuff should be filed under.
  • Colleen Krenzer Somehow, I don't think my request to have my salad diced is all that unreasonable if you're going to name your salad bar "Chop'd."
  • Kristen DiVita-Sterople note to co-worker: when I can hear you over my music say to someone else "why does she wear those headphones?", you've answered your own question
  • Jennifer Caluri feedback from recruiter from last interview. Company felt I was too polished for position, clearly they have never read my Facebook, so my summer vacation continues
  • Nicole Aline This morning's lesson: New Yorkers really don't like when you have a sneezing fit in their subway....
  • Michelle Burgos Weintraub Pretty sure my mosquito bite is plotting to take over my leg. And then the world