July 26, 2011

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

Most amusing Status Updates on my Newsfeed today:

  • Brianne Lunzmann  Have you ever written "buy do-rags" in a meeting recap for a client? I have.
  • Ben Schwartz ‎"Even though its easy to shed our skin, it's nearly impossible to shed STDs." -Health class for snakes
  • Bryce Gruber Business tip of the day: stop using flash on your website.
  • Bryce Gruber I wish jamba juice would just open a satellite location in my office already...
  • Renee Lucas Tailor: “Do you want me to take this dress in more or do you want to be comfortable?”
    Me: “I work in fashion publishing. I run around the city in heels everyday, and am bound into cocktail dresses at night. I haven’t been comfortable for seven years and don’t intend on starting on my wedding day.”
  • Anthony Crupi Hey Rihanna there's this thing called pants FYI.
  • Jim Shi The bicyclists crossing the Williamsburg Bridge are, for the most part, much cuter than their Queensboro Bridge counterparts. #noticed
  • Zlata Faerman HEADLINE NEWS: Amy Winehouse's friends to attend her funeral today. There will be plenty of sniffles and teary eyes, though mostly from a bathroom stall.
  • Marc Malkin so excited that crazy mimi is back!
  • Dayna Ghiraldi Mexico, here comes the bride! Put a margarita on ice for me. See you in 3 1/2 hours!
  • Kymm Marie Nice guys finish at 4 am
  • Joanna Johnson Damn, it feels good to be a Hargus.
  • Shana Koransky My dad just kicked me off the Frankel cell phone family plan. I am officially a Koransky.
  • Laura Heywood I hereby volunteer my apartment for one of those Interior Design reality shows.
  • Danielle Theresa AMAZING weekend with my girlZ! Key West or Bust bitcheZ...see you at the wedding!!!
  • Siri Garber Feels so good to weed out the people who suck the life out of you!
  • Kristen Deanna After being sick for most of April, May and June , I now know how Howie Mandel feels when people try to shake his hand ! Keep ur hands and ur germs to urself people
  • Justin Rocket Silverman Doctor: You're fine. Me: I'm Jewish, I worry. Doctor: Keep worrying and you'll end up like Amy Winehouse. Me: Wow.
  • Andrew Goldstein The #NFL is back! Free Agent negotiations begin tomorrow, training camps open Fri, and hookers can start faking pregnancies immediately
  • Becky Pestana Camping. No hot water or flushing toilets, but word reached us about Amy Winehouse less than an hour after her death. I would have preferred a toilet.
  • Jennifer Samuel Business conducted by yelling on speakerphone for at least a half hour (she was still going when I left) should not be allowed in the nail salon....some of us are there to relax!
  • Christina Della Pesca-Palmieri guesses it is time for our annual Football divorce Marc Palmieri??
  • Katie Lynn Is having a hard time keeping up with all my Facebook friends and their name changes....weddings everywhere!!!!!