July 8, 2011

Video Debut by Fair Lawn, NJ’s Own Michael Travers

He calls himself “Verse” nowadays, but I remember Michael Travers from back in high school when we used to make out on his couch. We’d hold hand through the hallways and he called me his girlfriend. (I’ll put that in writing, but leave out some of the juicy details in case he ever makes it big; I may or may not sell some scandalous stories to trashy magazines.)

Yes, Michael Travers was my boyfriend.  He was one of the funniest guys I knew. Sure, I went to the senior prom with #11 all-star quarterback Billy Lynn, but that didn’t keep me from getting butterflies in my stomach when Mike asked me to dance to Richard Marx that night. 

Me and Billy Lynn taking prom pictorals!

There’s Michael – front and center – sunglasses at night!

But like any high school (bullshit) relationship, we broke up after about 67 days.  Did I do drive bys? Of course. Did Brianne help me out? Of course.  Was it my group of girlfriends who singlehandedly collected all of Fair Lawn’s “yellow newspapers”  and threw them all over Mike’s red Mitsubishi Eclipse convertible? Duh.  

You all know me. I LOVE me some good Fair Lawn, NJ success stories.  And with that, I present to you the music video debut for Michael “Verse” Travers.

What do you guys think!?!?