August 30, 2011

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

Best Facebook Status Updates from my News Feed for Tuesday, August 30th.

Matthew Kirschner Michael Vick gets a 100 Million Dollar contract, Chaz Bono signed up for Dancing With The Stars and I'm coming home to NYC, yep...that all makes sense

Colleen Krenzer Safe to say if the driver pulls the double decker bus into the garage, turns off the engine and heads to lunch and you're still sitting on the upper level, you probably missed your stop.

Jim Shi I just asked a Sephora executive to name a lip balm after me. We'll see where that goes.

Jennifer Caluri two things are confusing to me. 1) why do people live in flood zones 2) why are they filming Jersey Shore in Italy?

Mark Pinajian I'm in the process of dying my hair pink. From now on I will be wearing ridiculous outfits and would appreciate it if everyone referred to me as Markki Pinaj. Thanks.

Andrew Goldstein Nancy Grace and Chaz Bono cast on #DWTS. All part of Grace's ongoing investigation into the disappearance of Cher's daughter.

Kristen DiVita-Sterople note to co-workers: how about you actually retire, instead of just standing around talking about it?

Adam Lazzara It's a sad day across the nation today for wives and girlfriends... Madden 12 is out...

Zlata Faerman I like those bowflex commercials where women in their 50's are in the best shape of their life. It's wonderful because I know I still have about 20 years left of being fat and lazy before I really need to turn my life around

Chris Huvane People, stop with the inspirational quotes. Quotes are only acceptable in humor. Otherwise, keep them to yourself and let them inspire you. I probably hate you.

Jaclyn Sulzer I just read in US Weekly (so it must be true...) that Teresa Guidice's request to be on Dancing with the Stars was denied because she's not a "real celebrity". Yeah... because Chaz Bono and Bristol Palin are real celebrities.

Katherine Giovanna Harnden I just made reminders in my outlook to "breathe" and "relax".

Justin Lada Went to the dmv to renew my license...they needed proof of residence (obv) but I just moved in and haven't gotten mail yet so I brought the DEED to my house...not good enough! REALLY DMV!?!?