September 15, 2011

Exclusive Interview with Russian Dolls Star Diana Kosov

Diana Kosov is a 24-year-old only child, originally from my daddy's native area of Moldova, Kishinev.  She is hands down my favorite female character on the hit show Russian Dolls.  I am not sure what it is about her, but she boasts an air of confidence and self-reliance that is quite uncommon for a lot of women at her age (sadly.)  I had a chance to sit down and chat with Diana to get her thoughts on a few things...including what she thinks of her cast-mates....  Here we go!

ZlataThoughts: How did you learn about the casting for this show? Did you want to go for it right away or did someone talk you into it? 
I was working on Brighton 7th at a billing office when the New York Post was being passed around with cover saying Brighton Beach show is casting. I called my mom right away and told her to get ready because we were going to make a video as soon as I get home.  Made the video in the first shot, posted it on and then after some time I took it off. But I ended up getting called back to meet a few people. I was excited about doing it I always wanted to be heard and seen, but mostly did it for fun.

ZlataThoughts: Is Anastasia your best friend? How long have you been living together?
Anastasia is a cool chick we’ve been living together since last year. 

ZlataThoughts: Do you sometimes feel like you’re “in between” Anastasia and Anna Key because of Anna’s obvious animosity towards Anastasia?
We all get along surprisingly, considering were in the same position it just makes sense to be friends instead of fight. But we did argue during filming, and yes it was real.

ZlataThoughts: Are you single now? What’s your “type” of guy?
Single and ready to mingle. I like tall , dark, and handsome. But if he sparks my interest and attention I’ll give it a shot.

ZlataThoughts: Have you ever had any “work” done? (Plastic surgery, botox, boobs – anything?
I’m all natural baby, thank my parents on that one.

ZlataThoughts: My parents are exactly like yours – I dated a guy who wasn’t Russian/Jewish and they flipped out and didn’t want me dating him anymore, asking me to break up with him and all of that.  We saw on the show that you broke up with Paul after your mom asked you not to “hurt her” - but have you ever continued dating someone even if they didn’t like him?
I didn’t see Paul for my future in general so it was an easy decision to say adios. I’m at the age where I can make my own decisions but I know what's right for me so I don’t need to be told.

ZlataThoughts: Was it fairly easy to break up with Paul on-camera? Did he know that was going to happen? Meaning, did the production crew it up that way?
I never had a serious talk with Paul because I didn’t see it going anywhere anyway. That was the first time I asked him do you see  a future and he thought we had one but sorry to have burst his bubble.
ZlataThoughts: Do you have any thoughts/comments on any of the women/men:
-        Marina: She reminds me of the older version of me. But we’ll see what happens in my future. [Note to audience: I TOTALLY was shocked by this answer.  I see Diana and Marina as complete polar opposites so far in the show.  If Diana thinks she's a younger version of Marina then Marina is nicer than the audience sees her to be OR Diana is not as nice as the audience sees her to be ... guess we'll just have to keep watching to find out!]
-        Michael: Business-oriented, All about the Benjamin’s baby!
-        Eva: Cracks me up how someone her age has no fear and does whatever.
-        Renata: Most pleasant and kind person I’ve ever met, makes you wonder how?
-        Boris: Dominant, definitely wears the pants in the relationship.
-        Sveta: She too wears the pants in her relationship :) But I like tough women.
-        Eddie: Cocky son of a bitch. But you learn to love it. [Note to audience: If you haven't seen my exclusive interview with Eddie Z yet, click HERE.]
-        Albert: At first I hated him, but he's not so bad.
-        Anastasia: My down ass chick
-        Vlad: Not my type.

ZlataThoughts: People have said that you look like Scarlett Johansson.  Have you heard that before the show, too?  Do you agree?
OMG I love that compliment; yes I hear it all the time. Her and I should meet in person and see the comparison.
ZlataThoughts: Are your parents friends with any of the older women on the show?
Somehow my family members know a few people on the show but not sure if its bff status.

ZlataThoughts: What are your parents’ thoughts about you being on the show?
Like anything else they get over it but there supportive of me so that’s good enough J

ZlataThoughts: Were you with Anastasia when she watched herself on the episode that she was really mean to her mom in the salon? What was the general reaction to that amongst your friends/family? Did you agree with the way she spoke to her?
Um I am not allowed to speak to my parents like that but everyone's household is different. Misunderstandings occur most of the time, but I know she loves her parents, so we all say things at times. No biggie.

ZlataThoughts: Do you think there will be a second season? If so, will you participate?
I think it would be a cool idea for Season 2, it will be Russian Dolls at war. I would so do it, maybe I'll be engaged or in a relationship by then.

ZlataThoughts: What do you want to do with your future? What do you see yourself doing?
I’d like to open my own business , I also have an invention in mind so stay tuned. Get married, have kids, the whole nine.

ZlataThoughts: Have you gotten asked out on a lot more dates since the show?
Lets say my inbox is full.
So there you have it!  A little in-depth look into the life of Ms. Diana Kosov -- just a Russian Doll looking for a man, the career, the house and the kids ...  What did YOU think?  For more information and to stay on top of all-things Diana, feel free to follow her on Twitter, add her on Facebook or visit 

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