September 13, 2011

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

Ben Mehl When did my twitter feed become a photo album for other people's cats?!

Monique Lopez Got up so early for a shower curtain! Crazy people in Target beat me to it! At least I got the bath mat

MaryKaye Daniels I'm going to random acts of kindness today. Just because.

JohnBart Skelton Oh how I love Fashion Week. Nothing like watching a bunch of malnourished, over accessorized fetuses being chucked down the catwalk to start your day.

Howard Levy I couldn't find one of my shoes this morning. I gotta stop throwing them at Austin Powers.

Joe Davina If I could turn back the hands of time....I'd be back in bed

Stefanie Cohen Up at the crack if dawn with @bethmiles to get first dibs on Missoni at Target. I feel pride and shame all at once.

Brittny Gastineau Anyone who has a facebook profile pic of you and a celebrity you are instantly being deleted

Stephanie Moran At da end of da day itz not bout bein pretty n popular...itz bout bein HAPPY n HEALTHY....#fact

Jason Schwab So I guess Rachel Maddow just went to Hoover Dam one day and shot 30 commercials.

Matthew Wurman Well, Seinfeld doesn't have to worry about having the worst finale anymore. Entourage, really?

John BellaVia Happy Birthday to my dog Quintin. At 42 years of age, he doesn't look a day past 6.

John BellaVia I don't alvays drink blood, but ven I do, I prefer Dos Neckies" - The Most Interesting Vampire In The World

Lindsay Ressler Tupac Shakur died 15 years ago today...... That's just the way it is... ZING!

Zhanna Zonis It IS perfectly normal to create a color-coded Excel spreadsheet, which outlines every single activity on every single day of your vacation, right?!

Laura Heywood It's remarkable how much a well-crafted to-do list increases my productivity. Which is to say, I am very much pro-list. (And now I can check off "update facebook status"!)

Andrew Goldstein Millions of women cause Target website to go down. First time "millions of women" & "go down" have been used in same sentence. #MissoniforTarget