October 13, 2011

I Really Want to Start Wearing Weaves

It's my understanding that black women are always complaining about their hair and how hard it is to manage. Eff that.  MY hair is hard to manage, okay?  If I want it straight, I have to put a Paul Mitchell straightening iron to it at its highest temperature.  Ergo - I basically burn my hair off.  If I want to do my hair curly, I have a variety of products to choose from depending on how nice the Florida weather wants to be that day.  Ergo - lots of frizz and poof.

A few months back, when I was watching BrideZillas, I was truly in AWE of how the bride-to-be looked completely different on her wedding day AFTER getting a weave than how she looked while being chronicled in the days before.  I thought to myself, "Wow, it's so easy to just look completely different and then just change it up again a week later."  If I wanted a short bob for a day and go back to something long and crazy a week later, I couldn't do it.  If I wanted to sport bangs because they would look really great with a new pair of shades I got, I couldn't do it.

Also, last week, I was watching a special on Beyonce and same thing -- her hair changes and she looks like a completely different person.  Not so bad, huh?  So, it was then and there that I decided I really REALLY wanted to wear weaves.

Here are some examples of women who wear weaves and basically look like completely different people:

I mean, you get what I'm saying - RIGHT?????