October 17, 2011

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

Wanna look like a crazy person in public? It's easy! All you have to do is wear a cape. The end.

Just figured out Dasani's new slogan- Dasani, the water you're stuck with at most airports so stop whining and drink up.

Over the weekend, Apple sold four million iPhone 4S phones. My fiance and I accounted for .000049 percent of those sales.

Had a funny facebook update but now I forgot it in the two minutes it took me to sign on facebook....ughhh okay back to work. Old age 1 - Silverstein 0

‎"It's ok I speak typo" -- funniest line I've heard all day ;)

really doesn't care what other people think, and wishes everyone else would just be who they are and like what they like without apologizing for it and acting like hypocrites.

I hate being bi-polar, its so awesome.

Dear World..
I have the BEST idea ever.. spay and neuter your pets.
Love- The puppy who just got euthanized at your local shelter..

things that ruin my day: enrique iglesias on my pandora. and also, enrique iglesias in general.