November 29, 2011

Dr. Drip: A Review

Last week I ran out of coffee.  I couldn't leave the house because I was waiting for an important call on my house line.  I couldn't take the important call without having had a cup of coffee.  I couldn't have coffee because we ran out. You see my dilemma? WHAT was I going to do? (This is a true story, by the way.)

I remembered that I had been sent a sample of Dr. Drip to review for my blog. Honestly, when I first received it, I was skeptical and really not sure a coffee fanatic such as myself would dare drink the substance if it didn't come from a shop or my Breville Single-Serve Coffee Maker.  But alas, I had no choice.

I took a look at the directions - simple enough:
1. Tear open package. Easy enough.
2. Keep the product upright so it won't spill. Gotcha.
3. Press the sides inward. Check!
4. Place the filter securely on the top of a coffee cup. Done.
5. Slowly pour boiling water into the filter to the top, without letting it overflow. Let it sit for 30 seconds. Not a big deal.
6. Drink.Coffee. With pleasure.
7. Feel it coarse through your veins. I added that one!
Dr. Drip dares to be different, giving you the freedom and flexibility to brew yourself a cup o' joe wherever you are. I'm sure this comes in handy for travelers, teachers, repair technicians - literally anyone who might not have an office with a kitchen and a coffee machine.  Acting as its own coffee filter atop your cup, each package contains all natural, fair-trade and organically gown coffee specially selected from some of the world's best growing regions.  This is NOT like instant coffee.  I HATE instant coffee! This tastes really, really good.  Full disclosure: I'm not a fan of Starbucks coffee and happily spent $1.00 a cup at the NYC bodegas. I will take anyone on in a debate forum that the latter cup is the better cup. 

There are four different types:
1. The Decaf Energizer
2. The Double Daily Remedy
3. The Organic Tonic
4. The Ultimate Pick Me-Up

Final answer: This stuff is really good. Five single-serve filters come in a pack and I have to tell you - I continued to drink Dr. Drip the rest of the week and put off buying more coffee!  Check out more at Dr. Drip's website.