December 20, 2011

My Tiny Hands - A Must Have For Every Mommy!

With so many of my friends having babies - and well, babies taking over my Facebook News Feed - I started paying more and more attention to baby "stuff".  [Will I be a mommy blogger? Probably]

I absolutely ADORE these little things and think they would be the cutest (and healthiest) addition to a baby's stroller.  After all, a baby's stroller is like their domain.

With the holidays here, I'm sure parents are worried about colds and sniffles for the little kiddies, I know I would be! My Tiny Hands is a helpful tool for parents hoping to keep their babies and toddlers healthy while on those planes, trains and automobiles.

It was created by a mom tired of people not washing up before reaching out to touch her baby. The signs easily hang on strollers, car seats or baby carriers.  The sign simply reminds people to keep their dirty paws off your precious bundle of joy.  Simply put, it's a friendly way to say "Don't touch my child if your hands are dirty!" - and I love that.

They also have BIBS!  Check out their website to browse and buy!

GIVEAWAY TIME!!!  Reply to this post with a story about how someone once touched your child without having washed their hands.  If the story is funny enough, you'll get a TINY HANDS SIGN FOR FREE!!!