December 20, 2011

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

You people made me laugh today.

I just had a 10+ sneeze attack while putting on lotion while driving on the highway! I was so sure I was going to die. I'm safe now so am posting my fb status while driving. Some will never learn.

dear person I just saw lick her fingers then put them back on the plate of baked goods in the office kitchen- I want to punch you in the throat

Thank you, everybody! I have "liked" all your birthday wishes. Please take this imaginary facebook currency and purchase the pranciest of unicorns.

And the Oscar goes to... the North Korean mourners

Hey guys. Just checking. When you can't find your gloves, wearing socks on your hands is a cool substitute, right?

trying to find a doc and a dentist for the hubs...looks like i stand a better chance of learning mandarin

Borrowing this status from Zlata Faerman/whatever her married name is: There has been some confusion on which Kim died, let me clarify, the one that died (Jong-Il) was a dictator, the one that's still alive (Kardashian) is a dicktaker.

Ppl on my list this year: mom, dad, sister, best friend, boyfriend. Ppl I still need to shop for: mom, dad, sister, best friend, boyfriend. Fuuuuck.

His only regret was that he wasn't Kim Jong-Healthy.

OMG, the crazy FB timeline is scary. Is it mandatory? If so, find me on Google+ !!!

Bonus: Pointless and Creepy Upload of the Day:
Anastasia Rochelle Kurinnaya
I can stare into my loves pretty blues all day♥