January 5, 2012

Jersey Shore - Season 5 Premiere QUICK Recap

Jersey Shore Quick Recap:

  1. Vinny needs to pick up his skirt and grab his balls. It's not THAT hard being you, dude.
  2. Snooki, we all know you apologized to The Unit because you don't want Jianni to find out from him that you hooked up with Mike in Vegas, eventhough:
  3. It's kind of weird that Snooki and Jianni are an active couple IRT (In Real Time) and probably watched that episode together.
  4. Sam, you're pointless.
  5. Ronnie, I think you had maybe three good lines this episode.
  6. JWoww, stop with the plastic surgery
  7. Pauly D - Best line of the night - and I bet of all season - Ryder before Ryder after but make sure you Ryder.  But seriously, you made me ILL with the thought of you hooking up with that whore.  Out of everyone in the house, you are the guy with standards. At least I thought so.
  8. Deena - felt super awkward for you sitting on the bed there with Pauly and Ryder with crickets in the background
  9. Ryder, I don't want to see you in any other episode ever again - or in J.J.s in Fair Lawn, NJ for that matter (yea, I heard you were there -- STAY AWAY!)
  10. That's it. This episode sucked.  Thanks to everyone who joined the LiveChat