January 9, 2012

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

You People Made Me Laugh Today:

dear co-worker: your tie-dyed & faded howl-at-the-moon t-shirt is barely acceptable in society; it most certainly isn't work appropriate.

‎$1000 fraud on my card in UK while I was in China. Much of it at Kentucky Fried Chicken. I am not kidding--who can eat that much fried chicken?

I want a house with a ballroom.
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Dear Facebook, please add a feature that allows users to filter out specific posts that include certain words (i.e. Tebow). Thanks!

Why do we say that the water is "running"? We're in such a rush these days..When the water is doing a, "light jog" or, "speed walking", I'll know we're making positive steps in the right direction..