January 9, 2012

Geordie Shore - It's Real

MTV saw so much popularity with America's Jersey Shore, that they decided to start one over in the UK and call it Geordie Shore.  What's Geordie? Geordie is a dialect spoken by many people in the northeast corner of England, particularly Newcastle and the Tyneside area. The word also refers to the people of that area. Despite several theories, nobody really knows why this region's people and their way of speaking are called Geordie.

Some Geordie vocab for you:
  • bait = food or a snack taken to work
  • breeks = trousers - this is a bit archaic but you might here it spoken in jest
  • canny = good, nice, true (different from its meaning elsewhere as "clever" or "sly")
  • clart = to mess about, create a commotion, as in "clarting around."
  • cushat or cushy = pigeon
  • dunch = to bump or thump someone
  • fash = to trouble someone, to be troubled or, as a noun, a bit of trouble
  • hoppings = a fair
  • whisht = hush
Great, so now that we've had our geography lesson, let's meet the cast of Geordie Shore:

Geordie Shore | Cast

Hopefully they will air in the United States with some subtitles because seriously...what the FUCK are they saying?!?!!?!?