January 21, 2012

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

You people made me laugh today:

How I view dogs; Beagle, Labrador, Yorkie, etc. How I view cats: cat, cat, cat.

I always forget when I have to park in the back of my building and I get excited for just a second that maybe my car's been stolen

Remember when "tgif" meant we were hanging with Urkel, Michelle Tanner and Balki Bartokomous!?

I love how all the positive "snow" comments are mostly made by females who mostly don't have to shovel/remove it!

The only acceptable reason for being up at 3am is staying out PAST 3am.

Thank you AT&T for A) charging me a ridiculous fee for a new phone B) having quite possibly the slowest employees known to man

Something about a dude with an eye patch... It just demands respect

Flipped on the TV this morning and it was turned to Bravo...what did I do last night?

That sexy turtle face you do when you think you're going to sneeze, but don't.

I think the greatest accomplishment of my life so far is that I have never been to an Olive Garden.

What the f***k is a "Doodle Bop?" Saturday morning TV is bizarre.

New scrabble partner: "I can't play 'SWEDISH,' right?
Me: "No, but if you have those letters you can play 'SWISHED'.
Him: "I am way out of my league."

I just changed my profile pic to a pic of myself/body at 25. I will leave it like that until i get that body back! This has gone on too long! I use to walk past a mirror and be like "Damn, watch ur BF,Husband, son, nephew around me im on firrrre! Now its more like "girl is looking over here at me and then i notice he's just looking for the bathroom,smh" I gotta get that washboard stomach back! Before u guys say it like i heard it a million times "girl dont nobody notice anything past your Boobs" that running joke is old,lol! Its not about what everybody else thinks looks good its about me! So pray for me at 30 in my Jouney to get my 25 back!!!! I got 3 months, I will post the new body then no matter what it looks like!!!! P.S. with clothes on for all u pervs getting excited,lol! Here goes nothin!!!!!

Heidi and Seal? Noooo
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    • Jo Ann Liguori I'm a little upset about it, too,
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    • Kristina Scala just googled after i read this. I REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT.
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    • Kate Rubin WHAT?! Impossible!
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    • Kyle Schmitz No.Freaking.Way.
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    • Michael Collins I heard he told her "no, we're gonna survive unless we get a little crazy".
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