January 21, 2012

We Get It: It's Snowing

Oak Ridge New Jersey wet Weather update. EIGHT INCHES deep so far and supposed to continue till 5pm tonight . Roads are not even plowed and my car is barley visable! Becareful out there everyone! i am calling a state of emergency

Snowy Saturday.

it's snowing

Loving the snow! JT & I are taking our snow doggy out for a snow adventure!

I'm going to build a snowman..... on my phone so I can stay warm under my heated blanket.

Hooray, there's finally some snow!

SNOWSNOWSNOWSNOWSNOWSNOWSNOW!!!! I'm so excited! And even better I can just hang out on the couch with Hubs and watch it fall! ♥ Saturday

Ok, now this is the real first nyc snow of 2012....and its still coming down :)
Turns out it wasn't fall this whole time. We got snow baby!!

Note to SUV drivers: please don't tailgate my little Mazda in 6 inches of unplowed snow....I am driving 30 MPH for a reason!

Yay, it's Winter Wonderland! ❄
It's snowing!
Hooray, snow.
Duvet day.
Snow just fucked us out of going to AC... Epic Fail

Cleaning the house when the kids are home is like shoveling snow while it's still snowing!