January 30, 2012

Volvo Challenge #6 - South Florida: Where I watch the Rutgers Big East Games!

As part of Volvo's Biggest Fan of the Big East Competition blog challenge #6, we contestants were asked: What are your favorite places to watch your team when you can't be at the game?

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Having moved to Florida recently, I practically can never be at the game. But, thanks to Volvo - I'll be at the February 19th home game in my very own VolvoS60!

Obviously, my first selection of where to watch the game when I can't actually be at it is from my pimped out VolvoS60, referenced HERE. Below is a reminder straight from the original post:
Game watching will be available no matter WHERE the Volvo S60 is parked. Maybe we're tailgating in the Rutgers parking lot, but are too lazy to walk into the stadium - not.a.problem - we'll have a TV hooked up from the trunk of our car.  (Please note: this is an example from a vehicle that is not as awesome as a Volvo S60)
This set up will actually be in here:
I mean, if I own a VolvoS60 with a TV in the trunk and a toiletbowl in the front seat, I'm just not sure why I would actually go anywhere else to watch the game.  Would you?

Since I have yet to win (hopefully!) and pimp my car out like this, I am going to let you all know the places in and around Palm Beach Gardens (where I now live) that I like to watch Rutgers games. Clearly, they all coincide with the best places to eat wings, as well. Go figure.  The best part about watching games at bars in South Florida is that most of them also have an outside section - also with TV's, so you really get to enjoy nice weather, great beers and a fabulous team play some basketball!

A favorite of Thrillist, Urban Daddy and The Miami Herald, Duffy's Sports Grill is a staple here in South Florida. With great wings, over 30 TVs in each establishment and a fabulous variety of beers on tap, its no wonder this place is so successful!

The now-franchise opened its first doors in Florida and prides itself in using REAL chicken and meats. Also, the eco-friendly utopia recycles a percentage of their used oil into bio-diesel fuel.

There's no way I can NOT love this place when it has "ZINGERS" in their menu!  Zingers, another name for wings at Miller's, come in a variety of flavors and options. 
Brass Ring Pub
This hidden gem has grown in popularity solely by word of mouth. They do no marketing, advertising or any sort of public relations. They don't even have a website.  But, if you were to ask the "locals" where the best place is for wings, burgers and some sports-watching - most would say the Brass Ring Pub. My hubby introduced me to this place and I have only him to thank for the extra few pounds this place has caused me to gain.

Throughout this whole Volvo Biggest Fan of the Big East Challenge process, I have been REPRESENTING my team, Rutgers, and Volvo in the biggest way possible. Dork or no dork, I ALWAYS go out to watch the games wearing my Volvo-sponsored hat, Volvo-sponsored t-shirt and toting my Volvo-sponsored beer cozy!
First person to comment and let me know WHO Rutgers is playing on February 19th when I'm home at my alma mater, wins the above getup - beer cozy, too!

Ok, guys -- thanks for reading!  Let's give it up for VOLVO -- the ultimate in car luxury and safety!