February 16, 2012

Film Buffet: A Movie Social Network

Movie theaters are ideal for watching movies, but not for discussing them. Luckily, there’s a new online gathering place that’s open 24/7 for movie lovers everywhere. Filmbuffet (www.filmbuffet.com), the world’s first social media and movie cataloging site of its kind, welcomes movie fans to their website to gather, connect and share their passion for movies.  

Filmbuffet embraces the social aspect of movie going. The website is designed to a one-stop destination for movie lovers to discuss, view, share and discover new films together. A place where movie fans provide their own movie reviews, rate movies, generate discussions and add engaging content that matters the most to them.

Filmbuffet also aims to make it easier for people to connect over the films they have in common. The movie cataloging portion of the site makes it possible for movie fans to keep track of the films seen and discover the movies in a friend’s collection.  We believe your readers will appreciate the intuitive design and numerous ways movie fans can connect and learn from each other.