February 7, 2012

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

You people made me laugh today:

Prop 8 ruled unconstitutional. Now I have no excuse not to marry that guy I have a pact with about being 30 and single.

Hey Gisele, stick to modeling, instead of throwing Tom's teammates under the bus and sending embarrassing emails praying for him to win. This is football, not fashion.

I will never get this packing done if I don't stop watching reruns of the OC... I mean if I don't stop doing push ups... I was doing push ups.

ATTENTION MEN: Remember: Buying her red roses on Valentine's day tells her she's with someone who has absolutely zero creativity.

danielle and i saw chris rock get in trouble with the cops in a parking lot in fort lee. he was in an illegal spot and they made him move. he then went into fed-ex to drop off a binder - probably containing the script of the next big chris rock movie. he was on the phone the whole time - we think it was with jerry seinfeld.

oh yeah, and then we found out that today is also his birthday. — withDanielle Martin Kepler.

Pointless Status Update of the Day:

Lunchh ;)