February 28, 2012

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

Workplace observation of the day: If you have enough time to brush your teeth in the office bathroom after each meal (this includes breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack) - you clearly do not have enough work to do! Just sayin'...

So I was in Princeton for a meeting then drove through the campus. I'll admit, the school is pretty nice. It may be nicer then RU, New Bruns. BUT I can tell you they don't have the bar scene like we do, they don't party like we do and they certainly don't have the Grease Trucks!

‎"I wonder why women are no longer pinterested in having sex with me?" - guy who is really into Pinterest

So, kind of offensive or really damn racist? Thoughts?

Sometimes going to Home Depot to buy screws is the most exciting part of my day.