March 2, 2012

My Alma Mater Weekend at Rutgers: Thanks Volvo!

While I've already happily recapped my entire Volvo Biggest Fan of the Big East Competition I have yet to do so about my Alma Mater weekend at Rutgers!  It.was.awesome.  I cannot thank Volvo (and the Cake Group) for being so accommodating, generous and respectful of all the competitors.
The VolvoS60 is BY FAR one of the best cars I have ever driven in my life. With its curvaceous and modern look, the Volvo S60 is the car that's going to attract a new audience to their brand.  I firmly believe that. [I know I'm going a bit off track of my Alma Mater visit recap, but you know I have a lot of thoughts and so I'm sharing them!]  Whenever I'd watch commercials about horsepower turbo engines, I yawned, not having a clue what that all meant.  So, when the gentleman at Kundert Volvo in Hasbrouck Heights explained that the Volvo S60 had 300 horsepower, I gave him the sarcastic 'awesome' look. Ha! Joke was on me -- when I pulled out of the lot in my car, I FELT what a 300 horsepower car is all about -- and I never wanted to go back to anything else. I literally think about this car all the time now. 
Aside from all the "cool" new-technology factors anyone would want, it is also the safest car with the largest variety of safety features. Here's a little taste of what I'm talking about in my Volvo S60 T-6: heated mirrors, eight-way power driver seat with memory functions and adjustable lumbar, power-folding rear headrests, all-wheel drive, 18-inch wheels, bigger breaks, sport-tuned suspension, auto-dimming rearview mirror and my favorite part: the option to have the car tell you when someone is in your blindspot, when you're way too close to the person in front of you and when you're about to, like, hit a curb or veer off the road.  So even with the intense speed that's possible, I always felt safe.  And, it's a good thing, too - I was carrying precious cargo - a new mama to a four-month-old!
Since I moved to Florida about two years ago, the visit to my Alma Mater was coupled with a visit "home" as I grew up in New Jersey my whole life. I opted to stay with my parents (save Volvo some hotel money!) and took the day drive down to Rutgers with my best friend for the Syracuse game.  I hadn't been back to Rutgers in - ahem - eight years and the experience, for me, was a nostalgic one
Some parts of the campus had changed; some remained the same. I stopped at all of my once upon a time hangouts and felt a sense of pride. Pride for the University I once called 'home' and pride for the woman I have become, many thanks to the University. [Those years of one's life are what I consider to be the primary 'shaping' years]
So yes, I was happy to be on campus with my best friend and I was amped to be so re-inspired as an alumni and a Rutgers fan and am happy to recap my experience in pictures:
Welcome to Rutgers!
SCILS - Where I took a majority of my classes!
Rutgers Student Center - where I did much of my studying (and guy-checking-out!)
Hardenbergh Hall - 2nd Floor Preceptor (RA) in 2004! I loved seeing all of the dorm windows with 'R' stickers; that's something new.
Brett Hall - where I lived my Freshman year
Brower Hall -- YUMMYNESS back when I was in college. I talked to the lady who checks people in (still the same one from eight years ago!) and she said the current hot spot to eat is on Livingston in Tillet Hall
Taking a pose with MY Volvo S60 before we drive over to the Rutgers Athletic Center
These two folks are the MOST POPULAR people at the RAC! Brianne and I sat next to them and they were like the mayors. Knew everyone. Athletic Director Tim Pernetti even came by to say hello.  Anyone know who they are?  ;)

Check out this Rutgers spirit! 
Check out this halftime show!
 Here's me posing with Mr. Knight!
After the game, Brianne and I went straight to the most important place on campus....

What would you guys pick??
Here are some other photos from campus with some nostalgic commentary...
 50 cent slices and dollar drafts!! (Well, that was back in the day - not sure what it is now!)
 The "guys'" house -- where we girls spent almost every night just hanging out.  Fun Fact: Former resident Glenn McElroy is now a member of the very popular band Dr. Dog.
34 Prosper: THE GIRLS HOUSE!!!! All of my college besties lived here.  (I couldn't because I was a really cool RA/Preceptor) How great does the Volvo S60 look in this shot?!
 The sorority ZTA: Do you know how many times I wanted to just insert an L and an A in there and have their sign spell out ZLATA??
 Fraternity AEPi: Some of my best nights were spent with some truly great guys from this house.
 A COMPLETELY NEW CONSTRUCTION! I was in awe of the new construction here near Easton Avenue.  Way to go Rutgers! The bonus here is that no one can have an excuse for being late to class!

Hope you enjoyed the recap of my Alma Mater weekend!  I have a ton more photos, but didn't want for this post to get too photo-heavy.

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