February 14, 2012

Some Valentine's Day Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

Ah, Valentine's Day! Here's some of the love you shared on my Facebook News Feed:

Best husband in the world! I love you — with Billy Lynn.

Tara Lee Farney and 2 other friends shared Ravi Patel's photo.

I bought myself flowers today. Just like I do every week.

Valentine tornado just touched down in the kitchen.

Lunch Napkin Art ... :) HVD! to all ... keep it open

My Valentine's Day treat today was riding the subway next to Real Housewives of NYC's Alex McCord and her husband Simon Van Kempen... and observing them behaving like a normal commuting couple! Except for her sparkly evening bag and his pocket square (at 9:30 am)...

It shouldn't matter what you get or did not get today, it's how you are made to feel every other day. I love Tom Howell today just as much as I do every other day... and I bet he knows it :) Valentine's Day love to all my friends, family, and coworkers out there! I hope you've felt loved today. I have! :*

Special delivery to my office today by someone VERY awesome. Happy Valentines Day everyone! http://instagr.am/p/HARFFxrywX/

Brie Mine. http://instagr.am/p/HAPrhjES-i/

I'm a very lucky and very happy lady! — with Matthew Garvey.
Happy valentines day! Out to dinner :)

huge singing balloon, for my hunnie♥ he deserves it♥ — with Vlad Diarey.

They say love is blind! I think it's so much better when your in love with someone that looks like this! http://t.co/zBvC4SjC

Made these for my Valentines...Bella & Julia!!! ♥

Happy Ryantine's Day, Ladies. xo.


For 29 years I have had the greatest Valentine ever and then 8 years ago to the day an amazing four legged one joined in the mix. Love you Daddy and Sunny!

Enjoy your pre-fixe menus, marked up flowers, and baby making tonight America! :)

♥ my Valentine!

Valentine's memories 16 years ago the man I was with asked me to marry him, eight years ago the man I was with asked me to get him water for his bong and this year Fredo asked for Play Doh cologne. Maybe I need to go to therapy three times a week

Happy Valentine's Day to all my love birds, single birds and blue birds. If it ain't a happy day for you, call me and we'll get a drink!

Just found a Snickers bar in my desk. Happy Valentine's Day - to me.

Happy Valentine's Day!

I came back from a meeting to find these beautiful roses waiting on my desk :) I love my hubby so much, more and more each day!! Happy Valentine's Day babe!! — with Mike Qsick.
And just because this is awesome:
Spent the morning in a park in San Fran and now I have an idea for a new game show!

"Are These People Doing Tai Chi...OR Are They On LSD?"

And This!
Cranky V-day post of the day. Can we all agree, once and for all, to stop saying irregardless? It's just regardless. Or irrespective. Trying to puzzle out the supposed meaning of the word irregardless makes my head spin. Okay...resume chocolate and flower talk