March 26, 2012

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

Damn you shutterfly and your offer for a free photobook, because I really felt like spending my ENTIRE day making one!

Damn. When is Jessica Simpson gonna pop this baby out?! Seems like the never ending pregnancy a la Mimi Carey.

WOW: I haven't been on Twitter or Facebook all day. It's like I'm living in 2007.

Did anyone else want more Sally last night on Mad Men?

There's always one asshole in a group of friends. I'm realizing how nice all my friends are...

Offensive, but friggin' hilarious.

Me: "Tomorrow is my birthday!" Marc, "I know, FB sent me a friendly reminder...." REALLY?????

They say having a baby is like running a marathon. In my wife's case a marathon of Ice Loves Coco.

My friend's suitcase for Jamaica

I question my wardrobe choices when the bank teller hands me a lollipop.

‎"Tebowing" sounds WAAAAAY less messy than "Sanchezing."

I feel the need to blame a Kardashian for the fact that people can do this to themselves.

gone ab rippin'