June 20, 2012

Five apps to help you travel like a local

With summer already a third of the way in, many people and families have already mapped out their travel plans. I don't know about you, but I'm always keeping my iPhone updated with the latest and greatest apps - and travel apps are no exception.

Here are my top five travel app picks:

1.       Triposo – Not sure where to go? Don’t worry! Triposo is ultimate destination suggesting app, letting users know what’s going on close to them all across the world. Whether you are looking for a lesser known bar in Amsterdam or another art gallery in Soho, Triposo is the ultimate travel guide without the weight of a book!

2.       Badoo – Now that you’ve figured out where to go, why not find out who you can meet? Badoo’s mobile app is one of the best ways to meet people all around the globe. No one wants to feel like a tourist so use Badoo to go out and meet the locals. As one of the fastest growing global networks, Badoo can help you meet new people from Sau Paulo to London!

3.       Photosynth – Instagram is great but when you really want to capture the entire setting from your hike to Machu Picchu this is the app you need. Take 360 degree pictures with your HD camera and share and view them in 3D!

4.       TaxiMagic – If you are traveling domestically and didn’t rent a car,  TaxiMagic is the ultimate app to make sure you can still get out and explore! Book and schedule taxi pickups in over 45 cities so you are never stranded without transportation.

5.       Google Translate – If you are traveling in a country or area where English isn’t spoken never fear! This handy app will let you translate and learn how to say words in more than 50 languages. This might even help you speak to someone new you met in-spite of a language barrier!

Have any others to add to the mix?