June 19, 2012

The worst internship candidate email. Ever.

I just received an email from a potential intern candidate. Below is her email, resume and photo. Enjoy.
Greetings, my name is Meagan D. I am currently obtaining my BA degree in Mass Communication/ Journalism. I live for journalism and would love the oppurtunity to work for your establishment I have attached a short Resume, aswell as a photo. You might find people with more experience, but no one with the passion and drive that I have for the feild of jornalism, and the desire to be great in my field, and be a good representative of the company that I serve.
Thanks in advance
Worst internship candidate submission. Ever.

2647 sw 137th ave Miramar, Florida
Home: 954
Cell: 954
Career Objective: A passionate and eager broadcast jornalist, equiped with 2 years of experience working for a video based entertainment website for Creative Exposure. Article writer for Miami-Dade College newspaper; well versed in the behind and in front of the camera journalism.
Areas of Interest:
·   Good research and documentation skills
·   Excellent verbal and written communication skills
·   Good organizational and presentation skills
·   Excellent interviewer and conversationalist
·   Comfortable in front of the camera
Professional Experience :
Creative Xposure- Errol Lyons, 2010-2012
Broadcast journalist
·   Generated script ideas for news headlines, bulletins and various reports
·   Handled the tasks of preparing interview questions
·   Conducted live and recorded interviews of well known personalities
·   Handled the tasks of searching, developing and writing stories
·   Responsible for broadcasting news stories
·   Modeling and being the “face” of the company

Newspaper article writer Miami-Dade College 2009-2010
Journalist writer
·   Research and investegate happenings and events around campus
·   Creating and developing topics and newsletter headlines  
·   Responsible for editing students articles aswell as provide instruction for writing.

Business Owner and Founder Shop IVIV
Business Owner
·   Responsible for being the buyer and designer of clothing
·   Marketing and distributing women apparel items
·   Overseeing photo shoots and fashion shows
·   Advertising and promotig IVIV brand.

Educational Background:
Associate in Arts- Mass Communication/ Journalism – Miami Dade College 2012
Bachelor Degree- Mass Communication/ Journalism- Florida International University 2012- Present