August 2, 2012

Some Chick-Fil-A Status Updates are Worth a Mention

I unliked Chik-Fil-A so that I could "like" it again and it would appear in my timeline.

Omg enuff with the stupid chik fil a stuff!!! Hope everyone has indigestion and upset stomach for supporting a place that slaughters innocent chickens!!

I don't want I get all "chick-fil-a" ... But I'm admittedly a little distrurbed by the post dive hugging with the synchronized divers. Jus-sayin'

I get it Chick-fil-a is a horrible company and I will never eat there again but can u stop posting about it cause it make me hungry and now I'm questioning my morals. lol

CHICK-FIL-A nonsense..

Do I care if a homophobic CEO is making my chicken sandwich?...NO!! The bigger moral question is WHY ARE WE EATING THIS FACTORY FARMED CRAP? 

Listen this Chick-fil-A thing is getting a lil out if control! I def DO NOT SUPPORT chick-fil-a views on same sex marriage! But I'm black and you know I luvvvv my chicken. If i had to choose between my chix or my Gays you know id choose my Gays but please my babies please dont make me choose. Its like asking you to throw out ur whole Madonna album collection! I wouldn't do that, cause I love you to much ♥ So I can't promise I might not go there for a late night fix with a hoodie on to get me some chix. But I will try my darnest not too! "TEAM POP EYES" for now on!!! Smooches