August 1, 2012

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

I'm actually kind of over Facebook as a political platform. If all of anyone's beliefs were put up to the light of public scrutiny, we wouldn't have any friends on our friends list.

‎74 people away from 2,000 followers! 4 tweets away from 1,000 followers!

I rarely wanna "coexist" with the people who have those stickers on their cars.

There is nothing sadder than seeing a long line for taquito samples at Costco...and then joining it. — at Costco.

I am so sick of seeing every picture that someone "likes" of sick babies, shitty politicians, animals in clothing, there a Facebook fix for this?!

When you're high and you put salsa on a cracker you could swear you're eating real bruschetta. Not that I would know...

God created Adam & Chik-Fil-A, not Adam & Chik-Fil-Haaaaaaay.

Jack Tion shared Teabonics's photo.
It's nice to see some people don't mix religion with politics.

Welcome to rural Illinois, where there are no attractions.