September 21, 2012

Did you see the Endeavor?

Did you see the Endeavor today, Los Angeles?  These people did!!!

Looking very sexy, Endeavor. — at Paramount Pictures.

Sean Alvarez was tagged in Kevin Scarboro's photo.

The Space Shuttle view from my deck. #Historic

Worth the hour outside with 350 sweaty kids!!!!

Witnessed the Endeavor Shuttle over Santa Monica! Photo courtesy of my coworker Ronilo Cayanan...I can't take credit for the shot. The shuttle looks like a dash on my camera phone.

Shuttle Tyderium--err--Endeavor, spotted from the roofs of Encino.

Endeavour flying by our office on its way down the coast!

The shuttle flying by our office in West LA

Endeavor from my roof!

Coolest reason for a flight delay ever. Endeavor landed.