October 29, 2012

Some Facebook Status Updates Are About Hurricane Sandy

Having a lil shindig tonight. Giving out gallons of water as party favors. #hurricaneSandy

Target is full of people with in-Sandy-ty.

Can't remember the last time I drove here in Florida with my windows down - uh, maybe never? Thanks Sandy

This storm will be a good thing for new jersey. Now it can wash away the dirty diapers,hypodermic needles,spray tan bottles, used condoms and syphilis back into the ocean and make the beach clean again

went to target to buy a flashlight for frakenstorm, but instead left with two pairs of pants, a dress and a Brooklyn nets t-shirt.

What's the over/under for babies born today in the tri-state area, boy or girl, that are given the name Sandy?

Carbs and Sandy sittin'in a tree (until it falls down)...

‎"No open the door to nobody." - My mom's advice on surviving Sandy.

so apparently on hurricane days, i start thinking about lunch at 9:30 instead of 10 am

Thank you, "upper management" for waiting until we were all in the office to tell us that the office is closing for the day.

Elvis just washed up on the jersey shore

If Hurricane Sandy has taught me anything, it's that we don't pay our nanny nearly enough.

Soooo...does this mean Starbucks is closed?

What did I buy to survive Hurricane Sandy? Bacon.

I didn't need that piece of the tree anyway!

I didn't need that piece of the tree anyway!

Crisis averted: located dusty French press and even some ground stumptown coffee in case power, and keurig, go down. #Sandyproblems

Things that never, ever stop in NYC despite a Frankenstorm: unwanted menu from Chinese restaurant being shoved under your door.

Stephen Musnikow added a new photo.

Advice please. In case I have to evacuate, what should I wear at the shelter? Any suggestions or recommendations would be welcome I would imagine something polyester. Or perhaps a wool- poly blend?

Pretty much sums up this hurricane in my eyes..

And we have NO power. Must save ice cream.

is feeling very lucky that the Upper West Side isn't, relatively speaking, too crazy right now and we still have power. Keeping fingers crossed. On another note, I can't stop eating-STATE OF EMERGENCY!

That's it, totally switching to DirecTV now!

Hey @realdonaldtrump the fancy gold air conditioner cover atop your bldg at 40 wall just blew off and into the street. Pls clean up.

BREAKING: My giant fucking window in my living room if Sandy don't settle down

Just sittin here in NYC in my apt. No power. Good thing I watched horror movies all day.

so basically mother nature hates gambling and halloween. What a bitch...

The Hurricane 15 is the new Freshman 15.

Jeez... A little bit of wind and rain and nobody posts an annoying picture of their dinner. Weak.

I hope everyone is staying safe in NYC! If it's any consolation, I got sunburned while sailing on my friend's boat in Newport Beach today.

Calling it right now Bloomberg's sign language person works for Abu Nazier. #homeland

Did anyone else see Bloomberg's signer break into Gagnam Style?

Did anyone else see Bloomberg's signer break into Gagnam Style?

Our television is out can someone please tell me what Mayor Bloomberg's sign language person is saying?!?

Hold on New York!!!!

Hold on New York!!!!

CBS, ABC, NBC, anybody can you please just let me know if Gymboree is open tomorrow??

‎$100 to anyone who will go out right now dressed as Aquaman and get on the news saying, "I will save us!"

If I wake up and my house is somewhere else please let me open the door and be in San Diego

Gov Christie considering moving Halloween back. He does not want to miss out on the candy

Its like my own personal nightclub. My apt is lit up by the lights off all the utility vehicles. I'm gonna feel like an asshole if the power comes on and I'm dancing like a maniac in front of my window.

Welp! There goes my power....and by power I mean Johnny Walker.

I should be saving the stuff in my fridge, but instead I'm saving cookies which don't even need to be saved... #nopower

On the bright side, if the black out keeps up Mayor Bloomberg will never be able to see everyone drinking those giant sodas.

As long as i have service, Facebook and twitter is telling me wayyy more on what's happening outside than the radio

Dear friends and family, if this is the last communication I have for days with battery % approaching single digits, please make sure that all my rosters are properly updated for the bye weeks, proper waiver moves are processed, I vote against every trade except my own and I'd rather play without a kicker than drop Chicago's D. Thanks, Seth

When Dunkin Donuts is closed and it seems all hope is lost, I remember I have an inverter in my truck. :-)
When Dunkin Donuts is closed and it seems all hope is lost, I remember I have an inverter in my truck.  :-)

Knock knock.... Who's there??? Not PSE&G turning on my power!!!!

I am disturbed that "Travolta" is in my phone's dictionary, almost as ashamed as I am to have texted the word "Travolta."

Anyone else keep walking into diff rooms and keep trying to flip the light on like a moron, or is it just me? Clearly I can't get it through my head that I don't have power, or I have the memory of a goldfish.

If you were thinking of driving into the city from the other side of the East River, guess what? Everyone else had the same exact idea. Lower Manhattan is congested like a fat man's arteries. No traffic lights in the Dark Zone. Stay the fuck home.

Just saw a man on a Vespa look over at a man trying to hail a cab and offer him a ride uptown... On the back of his Vespa. I guess NYers really do come together in a crisis!

Hmmm, what to be for Halloween...I know! What about a traveling Manhattan gypsy with her rolling suitcase, husband and dog sidekick?! #sandy, thanks for the inspiration...

Attention all NYC TV reporters: Stop going out to Breezy Point and asking people who lost their homes how they "feel." How the fuck do you think they feel?

While at DD, a guy in front of me is arguing with the workers because they don't have bagels or ham. Are you kidding me. Be lucky they are open and have coffee!!!