October 28, 2012

Find Your Soulmate in Paradise

Between JDate, eHarmony, Match and Plenty of Fish, you'd think there were enough optimal ways to find yourself a honey, right? Wrong. As seen in my Loving You post from a while back, there are lots of other dating sites that gear towards specific interests and background. So while the bigger sites with bigger budgets dominate the industry, let's not forget all the little niches that are not only free, but also cater to a more specific demographic.

Introducing ParadiseMatch.com, a dating website that puts all others to shame. This exclusive luxury matchmaking service combines finding a soulmate with the ultimate vacation experience. 

Utilizing sophisticated online marketing and promotional tools through Facebook and Twitter, ParadiseMatch.com invites the top tier of singles from all over the globe.  Unlike any other service, and certainly the first of its kind, they are offering an all-inclusive week long luxury vacation package, enhanced by the chance of meeting your perfect match in paradise.
The online process matches singles based on personality type, age and/or religious preferences—but instead of the typical uncomfortable hit or miss blind date, singles are introduced through a blissful and extravagant get-away to the U.S. and British Virgin Islands. ParadiseMatch.com guests enjoy the unique yachting and five-star island vacation experience while benefiting from the opportunity to meet their perfect mate and make lifelong friends. 

The first matchmaking get-away begins in January, 2013; guests must first register online in order to determine specific weeks for specific lifestyle and age groups...so you better make your reservations now!