January 24, 2013

Juicer Juices and Tequila?

Every morning, I use my Omega juicer to feed my cells with some life.  I never really thought to use it at night to feed them with some tequila! It's hard enough to stay on a low-cal diet, let alone figure out how to drink in a low-cal way. Introducing: my new best friend.

Tequila Herradura is a naturally produced 100 percent blue agave tequila with zero carbs. Try out any of these cocktails that feature veggies - yes veggies - in the recipe...all under 200 calories!

Rhythm and Beets

185 calories
·        1.5oz Herradura Silver
·        2oz carrot juice
·        ½oz ginger juice
·        ½oz lemon juice
·        2oz beet juice
·        1oz apple juice
·        Place all ingredients in to a cocktail shaker filled with cubed ice.
·        Shake hard and strain over ice in to a tall glass.
·        Garnish with a basil sprig and a disc cut from a golden beet.

Rhythm and Beets is packed full of vitamins and mineral this provides a vibrant alternative to a Bloody Mary. 

Carrot and Cilantro Collins
164 calories

·        1.5oz Herradura Silver
·        ¼oz Cholula hot sauce
·        ½oz lemon juice
·        4oz carrot juice
·        Large pinch of cilantro
·        Place all ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with cubed ice.
·        Shake vigorously and strain through a fine sieve into a tall glass filled with cubed ice.
·        Garnish with a sprig of Cilantro and a disc of Cucumber.

The Carrot and Cilantro Collins is a large dose of Potassium and Vitamin A in a glass.